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I had an idea on the train this morning. I don't think I have time to write said idea, or the skill. It's unfortunate, but SOMEONE should write it :-/

Reaper + Eli Stone, anyone? Boy who works for the Devil meets the lawyer who works for God? Perhaps boy who works for the Devil asks the lawyer who works for God to look over a certain eternally binding contract?

I'd love to read that. I'm not sure whether or not I grasp the legalese to write it though. Or know the Eli characters well enough, for that matter.

Besides, I have two Betty stories which are half done and sitting on my harddrive. Unfortunately work has been kicking my ass this summer. Slowly but surely Betty gets written.

I saw the Dark Knight again today as well? Thoughts?? I feel like I can discuss it now. Seeing it again actually made me slightly happier with the way the charity ball turned out at the end of the first Betty and the Bat arc. The Joker wasn't exactly right, but I felt like I got Bruce well enough, and his reactions in a situation like that. That was one of the few scenes I could envision slipping Betty into.

Anyway, enough of my babble. I'll get back to writing now :-)
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I thought some might be interested to know that I saw the Dark Knight tonight. I went to the premeire and got incredibly lucky. It was a cool fandom night. I legitimately spoke with both Kevin Smith and Christian Bale. Even though with Christian I sounded slightly mentally ill because I was thinking about how incredibly hot he is at the same time.

My adventures are under the cut. There are NO SPOILERS for the movie. )
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The movie really got my Betty juices flowing. In a bad, bad way. And for some strange reason I had an idea for a Superman ficlet as well. I don't even like Superman D:

Anyway, that was what I did this evening. Hopefully this post makes up a tiny bit for the wait between stories.


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